Basic Tips On How To Market Your Music Online

—Tip #1: Quality—

First and for most, you must have quality music. Unless you want to be the next Slim Jesus or Rebecca Black, you should have quality music that is worth listening to. Not only should your music have good content, but it also needs to sound professional and catchy. If you already have good quality music, then let’s move on to the next tips!

—Tip #2: Social Media—

Social Media is a great way to market and share your music! You can literally connect with thousands of people in seconds! You should at least sign up to three different social media sites. It might be hard to keep up with more than three, so I advise you to stick with three. If you think you can handle more, then please sign up to as many as you’d like! The more the better. Stay active, but do not to spam! That just annoys people and can seem like you’re desperate for attention. Instead of spamming, give value to your followers and friends. Post quotes, pictures, and tips! Post pictures of your equipment, everyday activities, or quotes from your song! You can post links to your site as well, but do not spam!

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet. – Upload quality music videos and vlogs! Add a bunch of tags, and have long descriptions with links to your social media accounts. Interact with people and reply to every comment! The more videos you have the better!

SoundCloud is a great website to post and share your music on! A lot of up and coming artists build their fan base by using SoundCloud alone. Users can like and share your songs! I used SoundCloud and I highly recommend you using it too! It is a great and easy way for your fans to listen to your music. You can share the links and it will lead people straight to your song! Soundcloud Marketing Video

Instagram is the fastest growing social media website. Post a link of your YouTube or SoundCloud in your bio and watch your plays/views grow! Upload 15 second videos of your songs! Like and comment on other artist’s pictures and videos! Interact with other people and artists! They will most likely click on your page and check you out! Users can also repost your music and pictures! The more pictures you like and comment on, the better!

The other sites like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter also play a major role in marketing your music online. Twitter can be used to keep your fans and followers updated on your latest music! Facebook can be used to interact with friends and fans on a more personal level. It gives you an opportunity to write a long post and speak your mind. Snapchat is another fast growing social media site! It is a great way to have fun with your friends and fans by posting many videos and pictures! Again, it is hard to manage every single one of these! That is why I advice you to pick at least 3 and stick with them! Which leads me to my last tip

—Tip #3: Consistency—

This is the hardest and most important step. You have to be consistent. On social media, you have to upload content daily, and you must upload songs/videos weekly! We live in a fast pace world and we need to grab peoples attention! And how do we do that? By being consistent! Remember, nothing happens over night. But if you stay consistent and use these tips, you will begin to see results in no time! Be patient! If you are expecting over night success, it won’t happen. Alicia Keys said, “My over night success took me 16 years.” Marketing your music online will definitely help speed up the process though. There are SO many other tips but these are just a few simple ones.


Making remixes to popular songs that are out on the radio can definitely help you get more views!

I hope these tips on how to market your music online helped!


Here Is What You Should Be Asking If You Are Serious About Growing A Successful Music Career

A lot of musicians are asking the wrong things when trying to figure out how to move forward in their music careers. These things include questions that come from a place of fear, negativity, false assumptions and misunderstandings about how the music industry truly works. By looking for answers to the wrong questions, you all but guarantee failure for your music career.

To grow a successful music career, you must understand how the music industry works and ask the correct questions based on that knowledge. Once you ask questions like this and get them answered by a professional who has achieved success in music, your potential to build a successful career will quickly grow.

Here are five questions about the music industry that musicians should be asking:

Question #1: Why Do Record Companies/Bands Work With Some Musicians And Not With Others?

Many musicians think that music companies and bands only work with those who are A. musically talented and B. in the right place at the right time.

Record companies actually look for a very particular kind of person to work with. They look for someone who has the right mindset, skills, and personality. Once you understand what all this refers to and take action to develop it, your chances of success in music will skyrocket.

Question #2: How Can I Transform Everyday Fans Into Fanatics?

The majority of musicians out there are trying to find out how they can get more fans, and don’t understand that simply having a lot of fans is not very important if they are all casual fans. These kinds of fans may like listening to your music, but they do not have any loyalty to you or your band. On the other hand, fanatical fans are those who will purchase all your albums, wear your merch, show up at every show and (sometimes) even get tattoos of your band’s logo.

Once you gain a loyal following of fanatical fans, you gain a following of people who will help promote your band via word of mouth, and your career will grow exponentially.

Question #3: What Should I Do To Get The Opportunities I Want From Music Industry Professionals?

Tons of people get into the music business thinking that they are owed success, and expecting to be given opportunities from labels, bands or other music industry professionals. A tiny percentage of musicians ever think to ask what they need to do themselves to earn such opportunities.

To get the best opportunities in the music business, you need to make yourself more valuable and less risky to other people and companies than anybody else.

For example: think about the challenge of getting new gigs. Frequently, musicians only think about what is in it for them (gaining a new venue to perform in) and never even contemplate what bookers and venue owners want (which is to get more people into the venue). As a result, these musicians don’t get many gigs and never figure out why.

Question #4: What Is The Best Approach For Phasing Out My Day Job And Phasing In My Music Career?

It’s common for musicians to get advice from family and friends about how they should have a backup plan in case music doesn’t work out.

When a musician listens to this kind of advice, he becomes trapped at a non-music related day jobs. As a result, he is never really able to focus on his music career – where he remains for months or years at a time while his musical dreams go down the drain.

Good news: It is totally possible for any person to go from a day job to a massively successful music career (I know, because I’ve helped countless musicians with this). First, you just need to ask the right questions that focus your mind on the result you truly want.

Next you need to learn how to raise your income as a musician and create an exit strategy for permanently leaving your non-music job (in other words: completely replacing your job’s salary with income from your music career). Working with a music career trainer will help you achieve this goal much faster.

Question #5: How Can I Become Totally Financially Secure In The Music Industry?

A lot of musicians are so afraid of going broke in the music industry that they never even try to succeed (letting go of their musical dreams in the process). Truth is, the music industry is actually a highly stable and lucrative industry to be in. Unfortunately, the majority of musicians never earn a great living for three reasons:

1. They think musicians inherently must struggle to get by. This mindset annihilates all ambition for you to earn a great living.

2. They want to find a job in the music industry as opposed to thinking of themselves as an entrepreneur.

3. They don’t develop multiple sources of music-related income, including:

-Independent: if something happens to cause you to lose one of your income streams, the other sources of income can support you.

-Congruent: all of your income streams are be aligned together with your primary goals in the music business.

-Residual: your get paid from your income streams time and time again (perpetually).

-Passive: your income streams create money continuously after you’ve already done all the work (when you are not doing work on them every day).

Once you run your music career as an entrepreneur and create many streams of income, it will be very realistic to expect to earn 6-figures (or more) per year. Most importantly, being a professional musician is way more secure than working at a regular job.

You now understand some of the most important questions you must ask yourself about building a music career, but this is only the tip of the iceberg!


How My First Concert Changed How I Listened To Music

It was a warm and hot Sunday night on the 9th December 2007 at the Merdeka Stadium Kuala Lumpur. Because it’s warm and humid all year in Malaysia. Tonight, My Chemical Romance was going to perform live to their Malaysian fans (including myself) for the very first time as part of their Black Parade World Tour.

After a year of listening to the Black Parade album, here I am, ready to listen to them live. As a fan, it was a dream come true – in music terms – to be able to watch your favourite musicians perform live for you.

So here I was, wearing my frame-less glasses, dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, with messed up hair (I tried my best to dress for the occasion). I was a stand-out among a crowd dressed mostly in black jackets, painted faces, heavy eye-liners, mohawk hairs and spiked shoes, caps, shirts, shorts, everything.


After waiting for nearly 2 hours, the band appeared and the music started. Then, it all became clear.

WE ALL BECAME ONE – Regardless of race, religion, age, gender (or dressing); we we’re all celebrating one thing that day. Music. My Chemical Romance turned strangers to brothers and sisters through one medium – their music.

LISTENING TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME – After that night, my experience of listening to MCR through my earphones will never be the same. Listening to House of Wolves now brings me to a scene such as this (Sorry, I couldn’t find the Malaysian version, so here’s one from Mexico). Listening to your favourite band live will somehow nail you down as a fan for life.

APPRECIATION. – I learnt to appreciate music on a whole new level. To be able to see the fruits from the effort that the performer puts to perfect the art; to be the master of the alteration of sound so that it’s music to our ears. There’s something special about listening to music in it’s rawest form.

IT’S WORTH THE MONEY – Paying RM350 for a ticket is small money considering the hours and hours of time and effort the artist in-front of you has put to bring you that rockin’ tune. Also, musicians mainly gain their income from live music performance. A recent PWC report says that live music revenues are expected to grow as recorded music revenue continue to drop. So your contribution will be much appreciated.

THIS WONT BE MY LAST LIVE CONCERT FOR SURE – After that fateful day in 2009, I told myself that if I liked a band / musician, I’ll be sure to attend their live performance when they visit. That’s why I was ecstatic when 30 Seconds To Mars came to Malaysia for the MTV World Stage in 2011. And why I was devastated when I missed Distant Worlds just last year. MCR defined the live music experience for me.

We were all celebrating one thing that day. Music.

By the end of the concert I was exhausted. There were many instances where my specs were close to flying off my face. And my feet were sore from getting trampled on. I was surprised to get out without impaling myself in the eye with another guy’s hat.

In the end, there was a happiness beyond description. It was… euphoric.

That brings me to the question. What does live music – or music – do the human brain that gives it such powerful social, emotional and physical impact?

The live performance certainly sounded different from the album. There was something about listening to music raw that makes you appreciate it more.

If you’re a fan of a musician or band, and if they’re coming to town or if you’ve the money to fly somewhere. Then I strongly advice you go.

I think it’s a personal connection between nature and sound. Over to you scientists.


The 10 Best Things About Being an Electronic Music Producer

Let’s face it, electronic music took the stage in the music industry. Dj’s and Producers are more popular now, than ever before. Here are 10 ways you can take advantage of being an electronic music producer.

1. You Can Reach the World

The internet, a beautiful thing when used properly, can help you reach people you could possibly never have visited in previous times. In the blink of an eye, your Soundcloud upload can reach billions around the world in countries you can’t even pronounce. That’s how powerful your position is.

See, what happens is, we get so used to technology that it becomes “old” to us. Do you know how long it took to come out with the mac book pro?? Took since the beginning of time until this era to develop that piece of gear. Don’t write off technology as something weak or purposeless. All you have to do is look back 50 years and see how easy things have become now in days and how fast and strong we can reach the world.

2. You Can Make Money While You Sleep

Contrary to popular belief, musicians do actually make money online. Whether that’s advertisement money, sponsorship money, contractual deal money, song sales money, licensing money. It’s endless and so is the amount of hours your music works for you. Since you’re an electronic music producer using the electronic medium of the internet, you can have your work – work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your work won’t sleep, it will generate income for you while you sleep, literally. Don’t get caught up in the hear say that you can’t make money online. The people saying that never tried hard enough and didn’t approach it the right way. When you truly introduce value to your clients and serve them well, you will be paid in exchange. I don’t care what you read about streaming sites paying pennies, people will pay for lots of value. I can name 3 albums/songs I bought after I heard the free streaming songs. If you really want to know – JMSN (Blue); Snoop Dogg (Bush – Edibles, So Many Pros); Rick Ross (Mastermind); Michael Jackson (Xscape).

3. Everyone Can Hear What You Released

No more record labels holding back your work. You can freely put out music whenever you want. The power of the independent artist is rising and you can now hold more control of your destiny in this music industry. This will ultimately cut down on the amount of manipulation used by crooked managers and record label executives against musical artists. Finally, you have the power to enrich someone else’s life whenever you feel ready.

4. You Will Find a Niche of Fans Who Love Your Work

We all know we don’t like the same music. That’s the beauty of You. You get to express yourself and find people around the world who Love the sound you bring to the world. You will find people who care and understand your sound, whether that’s an emotional rollercoaster or a thriving club beat. You will find someone in the world who loves your sound. That’s the power of You.

Try expressing yourself through your music, because there is only one You and the world wants to hear from you. Make it your goal to find and reach those who love your sound and serve them with your best work. Being an electronic music producer allows you to create sounds that haven’t even been thought of yet, so take your imagination and run with it.

5. Your Music Can be Transferred Anywhere

With the addition of external hard drives, flash drives and other technology I’m not aware of yet, you can get your music around fast. Remember taking the time to burn tons of CDs with your work so your buddy can play it in his car. Now, all you have to do is upload your track to SoundCloud, your buddy downloads it-or streams it from SoundCloud directly in the car for your next double date at Denny’s.

It is so fun listening to exclusive music that maybe only you and your buddies know the lyrics to and jamming in the car going to the next festival. Who doesn’t want to have fun with their hard work in music creation. Turn your new creations up LOUD in the car and bask in your skill.

6. There is No Competition

As mentioned before, when you express yourself, you have NO competition- No one can be you. And now we have more tools than ever to create sound, you can separate yourself from the millions of fearful producers who think they’ll be washed away in the noise of the industry.

You have everything you need to be You. So, don’t worry about the next guy’s level of success, it’s not for you. When you do YOU, you will eventually create your own success that no one can copy. You will realize, it’s your own success, and trying to get other people’s success is like trying to be a person you can never be, ever. You can only be You and when you do so, you will achieve your own success to never be matched.

7. Technology Gets Better Everyday

With technology growing so rapidly, you have endless possibility. I’m sure the music industry is on the latter tail of the technological advancements but even then, we are getting tons of new advancements which make music even funner and more interesting everyday. One hindrance we have as creators is getting stale and bored. We must find inspiration to keep us pushing harder than ever and technology keeps us on our feet. That’s a good thing. We need these new developments and technologies if we want to stay inspired. So, don’t fear technology, look at it like a necessity for your advancement.

8. Music is Being Published Faster than Ever

This is some of the greatest news you could receive. The music industry is growing everyday and people are consuming music at crazy rates. So crazy that we have streaming sites competing for your business because trying to buy all the albums that come out in a month would bankrupt you, unless you’re rich. So, to solve that issue, streaming sites are offered to let us consume even more music. Your future in this industry is bright- so develop the YOU and get great.

9. Criticism is a Sign You’re Elevating

Whenever you are criticized for your work, you know you are headed for a new dawn. I would rather get criticism from 4 out of 100 random people than to only reach 96. You must understand that growing your influence is more important than the NOW. Your influence will help morph the world to your true values and goals. Think about it, without criticism and influence how could Martin Luther King get his message across? He wasn’t a billionaire with tons of cash to promote himself, he simply had a huge goal and influence to make that goal a reality. So, influence is your chief aim when it comes to anything in life. You want control and control allows you to get your goals accomplished in this world to ultimately make it a better place.

10. Music Transcends Language Barriers

As an artist, you understand that music is a language into itself. Your power as a music creator is to speak this invisible language and move the moods of millions. Music was once considered the language of the gods. I think we forget how long it took to discover harmony itself using strings. People, you must see how far we’ve come in music. Your position is of no simple matter, you are here in the NOW to create, influence, and change the world.
Music can heal, hype up, or hinder growth depending on how you use it. Take the power of music and get your true message across to your loving fans.

Thank you for stopping by today, please share this article to uplift our musical community because we all have the power to be the greatest US we can be. So be YOU, and you will find your true success.


Who Killed Indie Rock?

Compression: That is what a musician will tell you has killed Indie Rock, or at least has tried to kill mainstream music. It is a devise used in studios that levels out the sound to such an extent that the sonority created becomes so uniformly loud as to be irritating. I like loud music, I remember cranking Kiss Alive up to “11” as “Strutter” blasted out of the speakers. But this bizarre un-dynamic pop music world that we live in now is loud in the wrong way, which brings us to the question, who killed Indie Rock

Back in the mid ’70’s the Rock and Roll world got tired of the overproduced sort of “corporation” bands such as Foreigner (a very good band), and a opted for a new direction or should we say anti-direction. The more ferocious of these bands were the Sex Pistols, Weirdos, Black Flag and many others. Another strain also came in that was a little milder called “New Wave.” These were bands that would soon be mainstream chart toppers like The Romantics, Plimsouls, and the B-52’s. Punk music as it was called in general hearkened back to the simpler days of garages and Hendrix, loud driving guitar music that made the sound of the Ramones for instance. The key to that sound was a throwing off of the production straitjacket and just getting wild and crazy – what Rock and Roll started out to be; Rebel with a cause, the cause being energized fun.

Today the Rock world is dominated by un-dynamic music created by producers that for some reason got so enamored with their over compressed sound that when one turns on the radio or iPod – wow! it is just a nightmarish decibels game.

So we need a revolution. But the “Indie Rock” bands that should be leading the charge back to the purity of sound have themselves become seduced by the compressor – the loud machines of the recording studio. In fact these “Alternative Rock” bands, maybe the Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, or Fun would also be considered here, are becoming the worst offenders in the so-called volume wars.

What the Rock world needs are some real alternative rock champions that really will present an alternative to this un-creative, un-dynamic sound that is truly killing music, and if someone does not offer a corrective will kill of Indie Rock with it. Nirvana brought sound back to the future in the 90’s, perhaps another Alternative – Indie Rock band will do the same soon.