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Join The BIG Political Party

The Money Show : "the money the banks print isn't worth anything"

The Money Show : "how the banks create money that doesnt exist"

The Money Show: "how we fund a Basic Income Guarantee"

Sign this E-Petition to "introduce the basic income guarantee for every citizen, funded by a single tax on spending". If we get 100,000 signatures, they will debate this petition in the UK parliament.


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Basic Income Guarantee + Non Violent Communication + Open Space Meetings = Revolution!!!!!!!!!

Join The Campaign to get the "Basic Income Guarantee" introduced

While you're at it, why not Join The BIG Political Party and help us win the next UK General Election, so that we can introduce a £15,000 Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee for every Adult UK Citizen, whether they are working in other paid wor, non working or retired.

Ok, lets keep this page really simple.

The Fun Revolution is about Good News, Free Stuff and creating Peace Through Fun

We believe that by helping people to feel better about themselves, they will feel better about others and therefore want to go out and make a positive impact on the world

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The three main ways to do this are :=

1. click on this "Charity Focus" link to get involved in reading and reporting loads of brilliant positive news stories

2. click on this "Freeconomy" link to access a load of Free Skills and Free Resourses

3. click on this "Iglab" link to get involved in creating peace through playing games and having a load of fun

oh and click on this "happy city" link to see all this stuff in action in bristol

If you like what you see, and want to find out more About Us, feel free to explore the whole site, via the main menu, for more in depth and detailed ways to be involved

oh and The Fun Revolution gives away 100% of its net profits.

50% to the "Fun Revolution: Fun Fair World Fund" to fund fun, food, shelter and first class healthcare for all.


50% to the Kosen Rufu Fund

The "Fun Revolution: Fun Fair World Fund" is a fund to which any individual or organisation can apply.

We regularly donate to anyone looking for funding via wefund just fill in an application on the site, then email us to let us with a link to your application.

While youre at it, why not visit The Fun Revolution Shop

Finally, we are also engaged in an active campaign to get a "Basic Income Guarantee" in place within the next 3 years

"The Basic Income Guarantee" AKA "The Unconditional Universal Basic Income" is an unconditional sum of money, paid periodically to every single citizen, without them having to do anything for it.

leaving every citizen free to use their life as they decide to

Watch this video to find out more

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