Fashion Costume Jewelry

All that sparkles is not gold. Costume jewelry refers to ornaments made up of less valuable materials, consisting of base metals, plastic, glass and synthetic stones which are used in place of precious stones. It is also called as Fashion jewelry and is not much expensive but is gaudy. Like other accessories, this is not an asset as it is made up of low quality materials and is just meant for fashion purpose only.

Gold above silver and silver above gold are common and favorite combinations. Crystals have also been used while Ivory is extensively used for preparing jewelry for men. Low quality costume jewelry involves usage of acrylic and plastic in them as majority of such accessories are hand crafted. Popular items like rings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chains and ear rings are prepared under it. They are crafted with gems such as amethyst, amber, fresh water pearl, garnet, aquamarine and opal.

The luster of these items fades away with time so more care is needed in preserving sparkle and glitter of these jewels as compared to the accessories made up of high quality materials. After usage they must be wiped out by using a soft cloth or cotton as its shine fades away by the body sweat. Moreover, these are kept in separate pouches or boxes covered with satin clothes or cotton as they get spoiled by coming in contact with air also.

These ornaments should never be dipped in strong solutions, as it could alter the colors of metal, of stones embedded into it or even displace the used epoxies. These things require periodic maintenance, re polishing in silver and gold and replacement of dull gems with brighter ones. There are certain advantages attached to costume jewelry as;


For millennia, people have garlanded themselves from basic starts of shells, painted leathers to badges of splendor, beauty and inventiveness. Gem stones and metals have been exchanged to produce infiltrate designs.


For some the pleasure lies in giving, wearing and buying costume jewelry, while for some it is more in creating it. It is designed by professionals, who have production lines of assistants, and offer their creativity through world class boutiques. There are some artisans who create their designs and sell them at local avenues, online and shops.


Many wear costume accessories according to a particular occasion like for a wedding or a small get together. These accessories are used as a symbol also for various ceremonies like steel studs. Hoops signify that a punk rocker is not influenced by other people’s opinions while some of these also hold spiritual meanings.


For most it is a symbol of style and beauty and a fashion statement to look different from the crowd. Ornaments made from brilliant silver, radiant gold, scintillating gems and stones are purchased to enhance the beauty of a person.

Costume accessories have gained importance with time due to its low cost as compared to other jewelry and because of the safety factor attached with it.

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